What Is A Stimulant?

Many people have had occasion to ask themselves the question what is a stimulant at some point or another. We can begin to answer the question of what is a stimulant from looking at the definition of....
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Stimulant Addiction Signs

Information on the stimulant addiction signs is vital for the early detection of addiction and consequent treatment. People who are addicted to stimulants generally show some or all of the stimulant ....
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Stimulant Addiction Treatment

One of the most commonly abused illicit drugs in the United States is stimulants, such as Meth, Cocaine and Ecstasy. These stimulants cause hyperactivity and alertness that lead to physical and psycho....
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Welcome To Stimulant Addiction

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The problem with stimulant addiction is one that an increasing number of people all around the world are struggling to cope with. In the past, stimulant addiction was not really viewed likely to result from the use of stimulants. It is because the drugs were considered not to be addictive that they were extensively used in medicine in former years. Previously, stimulants were used in the treatment of respiratory ailments and disorders such as asthma. Stimulants were also commonly used in treating obesity along with a large number of neurological disorders.

However, with increased use of the drugs for such purposes, the real risk of stimulant addiction that lay behind the use of such medication became apparent to the doctors and physicians administering the drugs. Patients tended to become dependent on the drugs and showed many signs of stimulant addiction that are similar to the signs of addiction to other drugs.

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